Franko's pizza & bar


Franko's pizza & bar is a new gastronomic destination in Zagreb, which pizza lovers have been sincerely looking forward to for some time. According to many, pizza is a simple and quick dish, but it is this simplicity that is sometimes the most complicated. Today, when the competition is quite large, the most important thing is to satisfy the guest and prepare a rhapsody of flavors and foods, for which they will, of course, be happy to return.

This was one of the main guiding principles of the owner of Franko's, to offer the guest the best, most original and bring the pizza to a whole new dimension, and thus show all the magic of the recipe in which a lot of effort and work, months of creating the perfect dough. , whose quality is extremely important. Special Italian flours of top quality are the main ingredient of fermented dough that lies in Franko's for at least 48 hours before it ends up in a handmade, beautifully lined bread oven, which is definitely the queen in this place and whose impressive appearance will keep the eyes of anyone step into this pizza oasis. To make the floor of the oven, a special stone from Naples, called Biscotto di Sorrento, was used, which allows the dough to be exactly as it should be.

All curious fans of this most popular dish in the world will meet and enjoy pizza with boar mortadella with truffles, pistachio cream and other seductive spices at Franko's. We also offer an interesting Mediterranean pizza that contains ingredients such as shrimp, lime, pumpkin spread. For those who like vegetables, but in a completely different way, they will be able to leave their palates to the flavors of asparagus, walnuts, grilled zucchini, mushrooms and caramelized Cipollina. One of the ingredients that will also find its place on pizzas are beads or balls of aceto balsamico, black with truffles and white with pomegranate, which with their specific, unusual and rich taste, complete the idea of a very special gastro story.

The beautiful interior, signed by the architect Ivana Vrban, delights at first sight, and the carefully selected details will offer you, in addition to beautiful and delicious food, to capture everything around you with a photo. The pleasant atmosphere of Franko's pizza & bar, the ambience that captivates with its comfort and high aesthetics, the offer that leaves you breathless, are just some of the features for which you can book your table and surprise your company on Friday, March 15, 2019 at 4 pm , and be the first to try what it is about and why everyone has been buzzing about this gastro destination for days, which is located at 71A Kneza Branimira Street.

Franko's pizza & bar

Ulica kneza Branimira 71A

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510