French pavilion


The French pavilion, a protected cultural asset, is located in the Student Center of the University of Zagreb, Savska cesta 25. It was built in 1937 as part of the then Zagreb Choir as an exhibition pavilion of the Republic of France.

This monumental building was designed by the French architect and urban planner Robert Camelot (1903-1992) and the brothers Jacques and Paul Herbé, as well as the famous innovator and designer of special constructions Bernard Lafaille (1900-1955). The elaboration of the project and obtaining a building permit was entrusted to Vjekoslav Faltus, an architect from Zagreb, and the execution of works to Zagreb contractors.

The pavilion is a circular building, 32.30 m in diameter with a circular cornice and 12 pillars 13.5 m high, 80 cm in diameter. Thanks to the ideas of Bernard Lafaille, a large-span construction with low own weight was obtained, which represents a kind of record of only 18 kg / m2 of covered space, making the French Pavilion a masterpiece of modern architecture and construction solutions.

The beginning of a new era of this masterpiece of modern architecture began with the completion of renovation and reconstruction in 2014 thanks to the Student Center, the City of Zagreb and the University of Zagreb. The French pavilion is used in accordance with today's standards for the needs of science, education and culture. Use for other purposes is allowed only if this activity does not damage the cultural property and does not diminish its monumental value.

The working hours of the French Pavilion during the exhibition are from 10 am to 6 pm every day except Sunday.

French pavilion

Savska cesta 25

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