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PON-PET: 7:00-23:00
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Express bar is a coffee shop in Petrinjska Street, near the central town square. An ambitious coffee drinker might guess from the name of the bar that its owners don’t know that a short black drink has nothing to do with speed, but he would be wrong! Owner Ivan and his barista Oliver, certainly one of the best in town, opened a very good station for coffee lovers in the center. Here you can enjoy coffee roasted in the Cogito roastery , but also in other discoveries that Ivan puts on us. On the school board in front of the cafe you can read what is currently on offer. The Express bar is an elongated and interestingly decorated small space. The front is occupied by a bar and only a few high tables. The walls serve as an info-board and are decorated with chalk drawings. The Eye-catcher is a bicycle that hangs over the barista's head, and a La Marzocco coffee machine is placed under it. Large industrial chandeliers give light and a good atmosphere. Just when you think that’s all, in the back of the bar you’ll find a somewhat hidden smoking area, a space decorated in a vintage style. We admit that we like that part so much, that even though we are non-smokers, we know how to drink coffee there in company. In short, the Express bar is a hip place with a long bar, interesting details, lots of wood, top quality coffee and equipment. However, most of the noise is on the terrace in Petrinjska Street!

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Express bar

Petrinjska 4

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510