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Spending free time is becoming more and more innovative, and thus the Croatian offer of various entertainment contents is developing. ExitGames is located at Petrinjska 7 , just a little south of Ban Jelačić Square. So that all your friends can have the same fun, our interesting interactive games are also available in English. Don't just stand in front of the television, books and computer, but enter into an unforgettable story that you create for your loved ones. You and your friends can become a team of researchers who, with the help of creativity and a unique team spirit, will solve the mysteries of the Countess of Petrinjska Street and Tesla's legacy and unravel the mysterious GARY Project With ExitGames. Interesting stories, mysteries and riddles will make your team think outside the box. The goal of our games is a team game that includes up to seven players and asks each member for something. In order to solve the complicated puzzles and obstacles that come your way and to your friends, you all need to come together and cooperate during the investigation. Encourage yourself and enter one of our themed rooms where there are various obstacles and puzzles in front of your team that you have to solve in sixty minutes.


Petrinjska 7

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Matina Tenžera

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