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ELISCAFFE (ELI is the name of the older son) is a micro roastery and coffee bar. Coffee is our passion and we research, import, roast and sell some of the best coffees from around the world for you to enjoy. Eliscaffe bar was opened on September 7, 2005, while Eliscaffe coffee roaster was opened on September 14, 2009. and since then we have been importing, roasting and distributing coffee ourselves.

ELISCAFFE is the first real coffee bar in the Republic of Croatia and a specialty coffee roaster, which is designed on only one, both in the offer and in the appearance of the bar and roaster, and that is coffee! Contact us if you are interested in having our coffee in your cafe, restaurant, hotel, etc. We can create a complete menu, business plan, staff training for you…

The first WBC champion of Croatia The first non-smoking cafe The first The first with WBC equipment and mode The first with grind on demand coffee grinders The first without instant drinks and coffee additives The first with the offer of non-espresso based drinks (chemex, aeropress, syphon…) The first specialty coffee roastery First direct trade purchase of raw materials First with transparency of blends and coffee First with offer of single coffee…

From the New York Times on one side of the globe to Dazzle in Japan, everyone has written about one thing in common, our quality… come and see for yourself!

Our Menu is simple and short, but almost brought to perfection of taste in a cup: ESPRESSO 10kn CAPPUCCINO 12kn CAPPUCCINO SOYA 17kn DOUBLE SHOT 18kn TRIESTINO 11kn CAFFELATTE 16kn CAFFELATTE SOYA 20kn MAROCCHEMA 14kn


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