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El Toro in Petrinjska is now El Toro burgers&ribs

Chef Mario Mihelj and his team decided to focus more on burgers and ribs in various formats. They thought about it for a long time, and the definite wind in their backs was the constant success and popularity of El Toro burgers at street food festivals where they appeared like Burgerfest and Food Film Festival where there were regular queues for their burgers regularly. This latest edition of Burgerfest confirmed that the Zagreb audience is eager for burgers with the signature of El Toro and Mario Mihelj.

The peculiarity of El Toro’s burgers lies in the fact that the meat in the burgers comes from domestic cattle breeding from the first Black Agnus farm “The M Brothers” and that they are made from specially selected pieces of meat. The farm “The M Brothers” also breeds an old variety of Croatian mangalica pig, and El Tora offers their ribs and ribs.

The menu will include El Toro Classic, El Toro Asado burger with roasted paprika salsa and chorizo ​​sausage, chimichurri mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce and cheddar, El Toro chipotle with spicy guacamole, chipotle sauce with rum, lettuce and cheddar Toro spicy & smoky with smoked-hot homemade bbq sauce, caramelized onions, lettuce and cheddar and Vegetarian falafel burger with salsa from korab, cucumber and mint and yogurt, tahini and coriander sauce. There is also a miniburger for the little ones.

Ribs and ribs come in several formats – aromatic slow-roasted short pork ribs of 450 g baked and coated with homemade spicy bbq sauce, then slow and lightly cooked pork ribs of 350 g coated with homemade sweet and spicy coating, there are also short veal ribs seasoned with El Toro spice dry rub, baked and coated with a sweet-hot coating and beef ribs of beef black agnus slowly roasted and smoked for 12 hours in a smoker, seasoned with a mixture of spices El Toro dry rub.

The offer of El Toro street food classics only includes a taco with prawns and El Toro pulled bull quesadilla and an avocado salad. There are also all sorts of interesting side dishes such as sweet potato fries, or one with melted cheese and bacon, grilled corn, baked spicy beans and salad.

Given how much Croats love burgers, we have no doubt about the success of the new concept, and it is rumored that ribs are an upcoming big hit of local street food, so it seems that El Toru’s success is guaranteed again. And when you want a top-quality burger, you know the address – El Toro burgers & ribs in Petrinjska 2 or delivery to one of the popular food delivery applications …

El Toro burgers&ribs

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