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Domino's Pizza Zagreb

The first Domino's pizza restaurant in Hrvatsko j. Was opened in Ulica kneza Mislava 1, across from the Sheraton hotel. Domino's Zagreb offers 18 types of pizza and various other dishes.

Domino’s was founded in the early 1960s in America, and over time has become the world’s largest pizza delivery chain, with over 17,000 restaurants worldwide.

Pizza prices range from 35 kn to 75 kn

Domino's menu includes 18 types of pizza, and they have adapted it to the Croatian market. For example, they have classic pizzas for Croatia, such as Slavonska or Capricciosa, but also those typical of Domino's, such as pizzas with BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce. They are available in three sizes, classic 25 centimeters, large 29 centimeters, and grande 34 centimeters. Prices start from 35 kuna for Margherita in classic size, all the way to premium pizzas like Cheeseburger pizza, which costs 75 kuna in grande size.

Delivery within 30 minutes

Domino's is known for its pizzas, but there are other dishes on the menu, such as chicken wings, chicken strips, various pears and desserts. They are also known for their delivery. Namely, as in America, they guarantee delivery within 30 minutes. If the pizza is late, the customer does not have to pay for it. That’s why they have their own vendors who deliver pizza to electric bikes. They do not rely on other delivery services.

Domino's Pizza

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