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Our basic idea is to make cakes the same as we make at home, without confectionery artificial creams and powders. This means that our cakes are a bit more expensive to produce but we didn’t want to sacrifice our basic idea – homemade cakes!

Ingredients we use in the preparation are common as we use in the kitchen: butter, eggs, flour, sugar, milk, chocolate, nuts, hazelnuts, fruit…), so the ingredients with which cakes should be made to be as we are used to eating. We do not use artificially obtained foods.

The recipes we work on are nothing special, you can hear them from your grandmothers, find them in books or on the internet. Admittedly, we have to admit that over the years of experimenting we have modified some a bit. But you know, it's not just a recipe, there are a lot of little things you learn through years of experience, various little tricks, and these are things that for reasons unknown to us are not written in recipes but are mostly transmitted orally. Of course, the care with which cakes are prepared is also important, especially when decorating, because we all know how important it is for the cake to satisfy all our senses.


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