Church of St. Brand


Church of St. Marka is one of the oldest architectural monuments in the city of Zagreb, and at the same time it is the oldest parish church in the city. It is located in Gornji Grad, on Markov Trg. It is first mentioned in history only in 1256, but the basic material indicates the Romanesque era. Today's church of St. The stamp dates from the 14th and 15th centuries, and was restored in the 19th century (Schmidt's restoration), giving the Church its present interior appearance. Since Schmidt's restoration, the Church has had three altars, while before there were more (eight in the 15th century, twelve in the 17th century). In the interwar period, the church of St. The stamp was further decorated under the leadership of Jozo Kljaković (1936-1937). Ivan Meštrović also had an important influence on the arrangement.

Church of St. Brand

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