Come to Mama



The 200 m2 restaurant and bar area can accommodate about a hundred guests, while the terrace is also divided into two parts. The bright colors that prevail instantly improve the mood of each visitor. The restaurant offers excellent Romane pizzas that represent ten chapters of the gastronomic journey. In addition to a selection of fresh, healthy salads, there is also a plate with which we will be happy to spend time with friends. The cheerful bar is intended for enjoying a superb selection of numerous drinks and ritual drinking of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere.

The space itself is dominated by wood, metal and various fabrics on chairs and benches. Every detail is carefully chosen and tells a story of its own. The various chandeliers that dominate part of the space, each in its own way give a special impression and diversity. The dominant letters MAMA give warmth to the space and turn the view to the cooking space, which is dominated by a special oven from which comes the crunchy Romana pizza.

The newly opened oasis Come to Mama is a unique place that raises the uniqueness and uniqueness of the city's offer to a new level, and makes Zagreb richer for a destination ideal for family, friends and business gatherings in these spring days.

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Come to Mama

Kuzminečka ulica 10

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510