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Escape room game is an adventure in which players are locked (but not locked!) In a room and with the use of objects in the room, team knowledge and skills must discover clues, solve puzzles and escape and / or complete the mission within the given time.

Each of our adventures is designed for a game of 2 to 5 or 7 players. If you happen to get stuck somewhere, with the help of our hints we will help you without spoiling your pleasure and discovering a solution!

All tasks, puzzles and brain teasers are specially adapted to be primarily fun and to encourage teamwork. Our room escape games are suitable for all generations, for those who have played escape room before and for those who just want to try for the first time! No prior knowledge or special skills are required!

With us you have as much as 75 minutes to escape from the room and complete the mission / task. Come ten minutes before the booked date, so that GameMaster can explain the rules of the game and the story around which the action revolves.

After the adventure, we will stay with you, comment on the game, share experiences and take pictures of you as a souvenir!

So, if you are in the mood, the visit to the Escape room can take over 90 minutes!

We love to hang out!

ClueGo Escape Room

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