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The mission of the Trešnjevka Cultural Center (CeKaTe), as a city institution in the culture of the city of Zagreb, is to improve the quality of life of citizens through their active involvement in the world of culture, education and art. CeKaTe programs in cultural and lifelong education are available to all age and social groups, which makes us the bearer of cultural life in Zagreb and a partner of related organizations.

CeKaTe achieves its mission through a variety of activities that include theater performances, workshops, lectures, forums, seminars, exhibitions, and music, dance and film projects.


Our vision is CeKaTe as a vibrant center of cultural and social activities in the heart of Trešnjevka and Zagreb that celebrates the value of creative arts, culture and heritage, while enriching the quality of life of the local community.

About CeKaTe

The Trešnjevka Cultural Center, a polyvalent-type center, acts equally as a neighborhood (sociocultural center) in the Trešnjevka North and South City Districts, with a population of about 150,000, but also attaches great importance to the diffusion and encouragement of cultural and artistic creativity. Since 2008, the first center from Croatia to join the European Network of Cultural Centers ( ENCC ). The main activities are cultural animation and cultural and artistic education, planning and realization of cultural programs such as plays, concerts, exhibitions, dancing, film screenings, work with amateurs. The target groups of users are children and young people, as well as adults. City institution in culture, 1994. The founding rights are taken over by the City of Zagreb. The Center is obliged to submit its annual programs to the competition of the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, which finances them, but not in full. The city office also finances part of the staff and part of the material costs.

Within the Center there are:

Socio-cultural department TNT Theater where performances for children and adults play Trešnjevka dance scene that realizes dance projects of professional dance groups, and workshops and seminars for amateur dancers , jazz and traditional concerts The exhibition activity is realized in the Modulor Gallery for architecture and design Programs for the third age Club MELISA

At the Center you can learn foreign languages, play guitar, percussion, act, paint, socialize and participate in programs for the whole family. We organize programs for people with disabilities. Glas Trešnjevka – in partnership with City Councils, we publish a free neighborhood newsletter. With this project we want to encourage (animate) citizens to be actively involved in thinking and implementing programs and activities that will contribute to greater satisfaction of cultural needs.

Trešnjevka Cultural Center

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