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CENTER FOR CULTURE NOVI ZAGREB AND GALLERY VLADIMIR BUŽANČIĆ (formerly Spektar) were established on May 5, 1977 by the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Novi Zagreb, at the initiative of the Self-governing Interest Community of Culture Novi Zagreb. Since then, the Center has been working intensively on the promotion of all forms of cultural activities with a special program goal of educational and cultural activities in the population, nurturing the basic cultural needs of all age structures of the population.

The Novi Zagreb Cultural Center is the oldest and until recently the only cultural institution in Novi Zagreb. It operates in an area that occupies a total of about 25% of the area of the city of Zagreb, which is inhabited by about 160,000 inhabitants with a tendency to grow. In the past 30 years of operation, about 9,000 program units have been organized, visited by almost 2,000,000 visitors. Numerous cultural and artistic programs have been prepared: exhibitions, forums, lectures, music and stage programs, concerts by renowned artists, actions and events.

It very successfully implements program guidelines for nurturing and maintaining Croatian cultural and traditional heritage as well as indigenous folklore in cooperation with cultural and artistic societies and amateur ensembles operating in the area of New Zagreb.

Cultural Center Novi Zagreb

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