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On the music scene better known as the TMS Music Shop. Until a few days ago, a team gathered here in the yard to chat about music, equipment and the music scene. The same team is still coming, only now there is one more reason, and that is great coffee. As part of this space, a new cafe was opened, which is simply called Cafe in Dvorište. The place is anything but simple.

It was already said in the ranks of coffee lovers that this would be an interesting new opening, not only because of the fusion of the world of music and coffee, but also because of the investment in the necessary equipment and the import of Ethiopian coffee. So we expected only the best.

Of course we had to convince ourselves of the whole story. And so I went with great anticipation to the Cafe in the Yard. I wasn't even close to the cafe yet, and I already heard a voice familiar to me and a moment later saw Mr. Cetinski surrounded by his team in a cheerful retelling of anecdotes. With a short greeting to the team, I entered the bar. A beautiful wooden bar immediately caught my eye. Above it is a huge school board on which news, offers and activities will be published. Because live music, literary evenings and art exhibitions are planned here. On the bar, in all its beauty, there is a La Marzocco machine on which barista Ines works here, who gathered her knowledge from Nika Orosi in Eliscaffe.

I didn't see the logo of a coffee company anywhere, which I didn't really expect, because there were rumors that the owners were importing coffee for their place. Indeed, there were packages of 250 grams of Ethiopian Arabic "Harrar" fried in the company "Samay" in Slovakia. Thinking only of myself, of course I wondered if I could buy that coffee.

This Harrar harmonizes so well with milk that it’s unheard of! Definitely to recommend and that's why I won't philosophize much anymore – you just have to try it yourself. The heart that Ines drew for me certainly belongs to the best Croatian latte art.

The espresso bag reads: Harrar Espresso Tankara from Samay Coffee origin Ethiopia. and date of frying. You can read all about that coffee and roaster here. Samay

This place has great potential. Who lives or works in the center and who already has enough of the rush hour on Cvijetno, can retire here and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. The owners are a young married couple, Matija and Hannah, who are spreading their positive energy and have many more good ideas that are still waiting to be realized, so we can expect a lot more. Their whole story, how they got the idea for their coffee business in Boston or how they are connected to the farmer union and from Ethiopia, will surely be told to you if you ask them.

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Cafe in the Yard

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