Cafe Gymnasium


The new Café Gymnasium, the successor of the traditional Café Gymnasium, is located in the prestigious area of the Zagreb Mimara Museum . A warm, cozy and modern space designed to inspire every visitor and delight top coffee lovers. The bar is decorated in a retro style, respecting the history and architecture of Mimara. In addition to enjoying Julius Meinl coffee, visitors will be offered a selection of freshly made cakes and savory snacks signed by Catering Team Majetić every day.

In the very spirit of Mimara, the café has interesting program content – from live jazz music, coffee and whiskey promotion to poetry day and book promotion.

The vision behind the Gymnasium café is to create a pleasant place, an oasis where everyone can have a top cup of coffee, refresh themselves with a good offer of drinks, celebrate their important day, organize an event or meeting.

Get inspired with us and welcome to Café Gymnasium.

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Cafe Gymnasium

Rooseveltov trg 5

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510