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PON-ČET: 10:00-00:00
PET-SUB: 10:00-1:00
NED: 11:00-00:00

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BREWBITES – AMERICAN RESTAURANT & SPORT BAR located in the heart of Zagreb! Rich offer of American cuisine, beautiful ambience of Brewbites bar and relaxed atmosphere with the sounds of American rock and blues! fast food), which can be eaten quite easily, whether it is a crowded bar and a heated atmosphere or in peace through a gourmet experience for lunch or dinner. The secret of our kitchen lies in quality food with proper treatment, and a lot of effort around the preparation and procurement of quality food. Some things require a little processing and a little spice like say burgers, while for the ribs you need both time and spices!

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510