Big Mamma pub


Big Mamma pub is a special pub. Many generations loved Big Mamma who always had an understanding for them. This place is loved from day one and that is why the new outfit aims to awaken a feeling at home. We have designed a unique environment that will be filled with detail and spirit over time. In the Big Mamma pub you can find an honest and warm atmosphere, which awakens pleasure in you. You can have a beer with friends or colleagues, after a successful work day, or slip out of work on Fridays earlier and greet His Majesty, a stress-free period – the weekend! Good fun always requires good food. In the kitchen, the main word is Big Mamma, who leaves nothing to chance, so dishes with her stamp delight the palate of all generations. Great pub menu and excellent beer: these are the basic elements for a self-respecting pub. In the Big Mamma pub, you can spend your specially designed evenings, organize dinners for business partners and colleagues, and birthdays, cocktail parties and various anniversaries are our special passion in organizing.

Big Mamma pub

Horvatova 35

created by


Edin Osmanagić