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The BATAK restaurant offers traditional grilled dishes that every gourmet will enjoy. Batak grill has long been a well-known destination for all meat lovers. Our approach to top quality food and service has been recognized by many satisfied guests. We take care of every aspect of our business, from interior to service, so our locations stand out from others like it. For excellent service and fulfillment of your gourmet wishes, our friendly staff is at your disposal who will make sure that every meal will remain in your fond memories. In the rich offer of the Batak restaurant, enjoy the pleasant ambience and homely atmosphere. From our varied menu, we can single out interesting grilled dishes, such as spreads, hangers, whiskers. To fulfill your wishes, there is our friendly staff, who will make sure that every meal stays in your memory.

If you want to try our specialties in the warmth of your home, order free shipping.

DELIVERY Rudeš: +385 1 8890 833 Kvatrić: +385 1 466 4331 Savica: +385 1 4952 200 Sesvete: +385 1 4952 201

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Batak grill Rudeš

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