Barcode Mitra2 Go -Rudeš

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PON-PET: 11:00 - 17:00

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Barcode Mitra is a veggie restaurant that has two locations. You can order a delicious veggie burger or gablec from both locations!

Barcode Mitra 2 Go (Rudeš): Special location for fast delivery and take-out. Although it does not provide the opportunity to eat in the bar itself, it is intended for snacks for people who want to try unique vegan combinations! In addition to the standard Barcode Miter offer, it provides additional options such as snacks, pizzas, salads and soups!

Barcode is a label as such, and Mithra means light or the Sun; which in translation leads us to the barcode of light – by which we mean the light that is in all of us. And in this area of ours, in translation, it also means a cafe with me. In their restaurant, they prepare burgers and juices from fresh healthy ingredients every day. They offer you special green, red, yellow and brown burgers. Come and see for yourself!

Their philosophy is that vegan food doesn’t have to be just for vegans and that it’s absolutely not impersonal and boring. They strive to make fine, filling food for all types of gourmands!

Their bread is from Bread Club Zagreb and the Demetra Bread Gallery, and these are two local Croatian bakeries that make excellent and quality bread. Ingredients for burgers are procured from local family farms and from the plot. All the fruits and vegetables that they put as a side dish on the burger are fresh, seasonal and give the burgers a special, unique taste.

Barcode Mitra2 Go -Rudeš

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