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Bagel (pastry with a hole) has an optimal ratio of protein and carbohydrates with very little fat and fewer calories than a cup of yogurt a. Bagel pastry dates back to the 17th century from Central Europe and currently has its greatest popularity in North America.

At Bagel & Lobster Barr we spent a month trying out various bagel recaptures until we found our ideal recipe. In our mix we use a mixture of two premium flours with a high protein content (13%) and our own natural yeast from grapes and wholemeal flour, which gives bagel pastries a unique taste and aroma. Pastries are made in the traditional way, which involves hand-rolling and cooking in water before baking, which is why they have a specific structure and crust.

At Bagel & Lobster Bar, part of the menu is dedicated to breakfast with bagel pastries and simple spreads such as butter, cheese, salmon spread or, for example, scrambled eggs with crispy bacon. For lunch and dinner we offer a classic version of bagel pastries with creme fraiche cheese and marinated salmon with citrus, but also some other bagel sandwich options such as roastbeef with baked broccoli and cheddar cheese, then prosciutto cotto & brie cheese with pear chutney and raisins, and veggie versions with mozzarella and vegetables.

Also bagel pastries can be bought on their own at an extremely affordable price, and we also have a take out option. In addition to bagel pastries, we also offer lobster, ie steam and steam dishes.

Following the street food philosophy that guided us during the creation of the concept for Bagel & Lobster Barr, in addition to whole grilled steam (kamado joe grill) in our offer you can also find steamed dishes such as classic lobster roll in homemade brioche pastry with Japanese mayonnaise and bisque butter, and steam, rice and mozzarella di buffalo croquettes with olive tapenade and Japanese mayonnaise. We also offer Lobster bisque, ie a thick creamy soup of roasted steam heads cooked in coconut milk with root vegetables and tomatoes. In addition to these dishes, we also offer fried potatoes, salad with hazelnuts and various sauces.

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Bagel and Lobster Barr

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Matina Tenžera

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