Avant Garden


Director Ante Perica told his story like this:

Entering the hospitality world back in 2006, I was very obsessed with the idea of realizing my previous ambitions so that all guests who visit my space would be satisfied with the service provided. My goal was to present to my guests all the charms that catering offers.

I opened my first coffee bar in 2006, where after that I focused on the projects of wine bars, beach bars and agencies whose primary task was to organize weddings. After a couple of years, where I realized the vision to provide the guest with a service that combines the perfect fusion of all alcoholic beverages, I decide to take this step to open my first bistro & boutique Paka near Maksimir Forest in 2018.

The small family bistro was just the starting point that led me to realize my long-held plan to open an event square called Avantgarden.

As the name suggests, Avantgarden is designed as an industrial-style theater set that can be modulated and adapted to all types of events, from banquet variants, pop up variants and lounge and casual variants. This type of space is adaptable for the organization of both private and corporate events.

Avantgarden Event Square gives me the opportunity to create my own visions because I like to enjoy the feeling that each of my guests is satisfied and that I have truly met all their expectations through the organization of private and corporate events.

In addition to the ambience, I also want to emphasize that a good team in which you work is the key to the success of any business. I love connecting and working with people who are responsible and consistent in the work they do.

Avant Garden

Magazinska 16

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Matina Tenžera

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