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Art Park – a creative oasis in the city center A place of all kinds of art, casual summer gatherings and a good atmosphere. Where children have a good time with their parents, the dogs run free, and table tennis lovers find their happy place. A unique open-air art gallery that constantly surprises with new works by Croatian and foreign artists.

The Art Park story begins in 2016. A beautiful and once completely neglected park located between Ilica, Tomićeva Street and Strossmayer Promenade, and this year for the first time it was turned into a place of all kinds of art, casual summer gatherings and a good atmosphere. In the summer months, the Art Park project hosted numerous artists from Croatia and the world at the mentioned location, who, leaving their mark, made this place an open-air art gallery. Various workshops for young and old were held, film screenings, table tennis tournaments were played, numerous film and music festivals were celebrated, making this artistic oasis come to life as one of the favorite summer places of many visitors. After three extremely successful years of operation and revitalization of the once popularly called 'narcissus-park', Art Park in 2019 decided to return to its original idea of a traveling project and revive new locations throughout Zagreb.

That year, the park on Martinovka got its Baba Luna, and it was she who announced the relocation of the project to the most beautiful shade of the city – the beautiful green park Ribnjak. The central meadow, right next to the children's playground, has become a new place for refreshment where it is easy to play ping pong, relax in a hammock swing, watch a movie, read a book, listen to a travelogue, play a quiz, practice morning yoga or come across a good spontaneous concert. and dj session. Of course, many Croatian and foreign artists have taken care of the open-air gallery where art always surprises.

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Art Park

Park Ribnjak

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Matina Tenžera

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