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Amazinga – The first trampoline park

With over 11,000 indoor squares and 10 attractions, Amazinga is the largest family entertainment center in Croatia. And the only trampoline park in Croatia!

Amazinga Trampoline Park

It is made up of 14 attractions and spans 1,800 square feet, and is equally designed for advanced jumpers and enthusiasts just getting ready to learn their first acrobatic tricks.

Whether you want to dunk on a basket, jump off a trapeze, jump over a rotating beam, crawl through a ninja range or perfect your technique and train on high-performance trampolines, you’ll find it all, and much more, at Amazinga Trampoline Park.

Amazing Laser tag

The laser tag is an absolute novelty in Croatia, just like Amazing. The game is most similar to paintball, with the difference that the rifles, instead of bullets, fire infrared laser beams, and the player registers the hit as a vibration on the vest with accompanying sound effects.

The battle with lasers takes place in a spectacular arena of 450 square meters. It is inspired by space, and players lead the battle through a maze of polygons and platforms under UV lights. One 10-minute laser tag game burns between 200 and 500kcal and has a positive effect on the development of psychophysical coordination.

Amazinga Soft Play

An attraction that little adventurous explorers adore! Decorated in the style of a pirate ship of several floors and 7.5 meters high, Amazinga Soft Play is full of surprises, opportunities, toys and obstacles that need to be overcome, and it is possible to engage in a pirate battle with cannons firing sponge balls!

The road to the top can be long and challenging, but the reward is a real pirate treasure – a descent in a spiral slide from 7.5 meters high!

Amazinga Adrenaline Park

Get ready and climb the most exciting and fun altitude adventure ever! Amazinga Adrenaline Park is full of ropes, obstacles and opportunities, and you exercise your self-confidence, balance and agility at a height of 5 meters from which you have an incomparable view and a new perspective!

Laser maze

Accept the challenge and try to master the laser maze in the shortest time possible. For this you will have to bend over, squat, jump and crawl.

Mini Ninja Course

Little ninjas and jumpers who can’t use Trampoline Park yet have endless fun in the Mini Ninja Course complex with mini trampolines!

Honeycomb mini trampolines are designed and made especially for children , and little jumpers can also sneak into the Mini Ninja Course tower with 3 levels within which a multitude of games, challenges and obstacles await them that they must overcome.

From the top of the Mini Ninja Course, they slide down a slide and fall into a pool with hundreds of yellow balls!

Leap of Faith

A new exciting attraction that will speed up your pulse and make you feel a rush of adrenaline throughout your body. Equally intended for those who love heights and those who have yet to overcome the fear of heights.

VR Park

A Beat Saber, a roller coaster over Dubai, a zombie fight in the London Underground, a futuristic motorcycle ride or a 6-seater with 4D effects? The choice is yours. You just need to put on VR goggles!

Amazinga Mini Kart

Crystal white Segway ninebot cards lined up on a spectacular upstairs track with LED lighting integrated into the security barriers is a delightful sight.

They are silent, equipped with gadgets and powered by sophisticated electric motors!

Although adults dream of them, Amazing Mini Cards can only be driven by children. And they will be thrilled!

Climbing Zone

At exactly 7.5 meters, a switch is waiting for you, which you have to press and which will confirm that you have really reached the top, and for the way to the top you choose one of the four rocks. Each hides its own challenges, and the biggest challenge is to overcome all four!

Climbing will positively affect the development of your muscles and self-confidence, and descending is a special story. You can descend gradually, as you climbed, but you can also throw yourself, but without fear of falling because you are supported by a seat belt and an auto belay device.


Whether you’re enjoying classic arcades or looking for new titles, Amazinga has something for you in its arcade park.

Arcades are great fun for children, but also adults who want to revive their teenage days …

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