50 A Burger & Champagne Bar

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UTO-SUB: 10:00-23:00
NED: 10:00-20:00

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091 602 2541


50 A Burger & Champagne Bar started operating in the spring of last year in Stara Vlaška. The micro bar, which has only a dozen chairs in the interior (in nice weather there is more space on the terrace), one counter and one bar is quite a busy city place.

Intense in terms of loud music that follows the new Zagreb trend of gastro clubbing, informal atmosphere and relaxed, but very helpful and competent approach of the staff.

If we ever thought it was just another burger, they reassured us. True, they had a slight shift at the start, suggesting burgers and champagnes as a winning combination, but with their newly established collaboration with Time restaurant, which brought Japanese ramen to the menu, they enriched the city's street-food offer. "


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50 A Burger & Champagne Bar

Vlaška 17

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510

E-mail: info@divan.hr