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The observatory at the Popov tower in Zagreb's Upper Town (Opatička 22) was founded at the instigation of the Croatian Natural History Society (HPD), and the City Government handed over the premises at the Popov Tower for its needs, approved funds for construction adaptation, astronomical dome and telescope. It was inaugurated on December 5, 1903. Oton Kučera, the first manager of the Observatory, expressed its basic activities with the words:

“Our astronomical observatory has a dual purpose: 1. to contribute to the advancement of science itself according to its instrumental means and labor force, and 2. to spread the results of this most sublime, most beautiful and perfect natural science, especially in the Croatian intelligentsia and youth, and to become a center for all , who are interested in this science among the Croatian people. ”

In November 2007, a new telescope was installed in the Observatory, a modern apochromatic refractor with a computer-controlled assembly. It is a telescope purchased with funds from the City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb. Optical capabilities are optimal for the location of the Observatory and its primary popularizing role. The telescope is equipped with additional equipment and most importantly it is easier to operate. The "old" Zeiss telescope, equipped with devices for patrolling the Sun in the H-alpha line, was mounted on the same mount. In addition to the telescope, a cosmic radiation detector was installed in the Observatory in 2008. It is the first instrument for the detection of cosmic radiation in the Republic of Croatia and is part of an international network, ie a project launched under the auspices of the UN. The detector was constructed in collaboration with the Department of Cosmic Radiation (Aragat Space Environmental Center) of the Alikhanian Institute of Physics (Armenia) which donated all the scientific equipment. In addition to scientific significance, both of these instruments also have an educational role. The observatory is visited by thousands of students and citizens throughout the year and thanks to the new equipment, visitors can better experience the universe in which we live. A significant step forward in educational projects was achieved with the inclusion of Croatia in the International Astronomical Olympiad in 2006.

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Observatory (Upper town)

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