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Firefighters are preparing a new fire party in Boogaloo!

After a completely insane festivity for St. Martin's Day, the Firefighters return to Boogaloo on Friday, September 18, where they have now become regular guests! Everyone who has been to their concerts knows that this audio-visual spectacle should not be missed, and the next day no one remembers anything anyway. The pre-sale ticket price is 60, at the entrance it will cost 80 kuna. They can be purchased through the Entrio system.

Vatrogasci is a Croatian music genre of various genres, founded in 1991 in Zagreb. The first "firefighter" melody was recorded at the end of the same year under the name "Firefighter Mirko".

Tiho (Tihomir Borošak) and Deki (Dean Parmak) companions in terms of studio work, filmed it during a one-hour break while waiting for the next client. Since it was necessary to sing and sing, they invited Bubija (Vladimir Pavelić), then a colleague from the accompanying band Jasna Zlokić.

"Firefighter Mirko" soon became the most dubbed song among musicians. The Firefighters got their name from it. "Rhythm behind the dancer", "More or less, less and more" and "I'm getting married" followed. After these four melodies performed a miracle, the record company "Euroton" offered itself as a publisher, and in June 1992 the debut song "Vatrogasna zabava vol.1" was released. It is the first and last album on which the Firefighters acted as a trio. Dean Parmak leaves the band for private reasons and only Tiho and Bubi remain and record three more albums. He writes songs and arrangements quietly, and Bubi sings. After the fourth album (Vatrogasna zabava vol.4), Bubi got bored and signed a five-year contract with New Fossils as a drummer and vocalist.

He quietly finds a new singer, Mladen Martinović Dugi, and continues his fire production with him, and they have recorded eight more albums to date. At the beginning of 2007, Dugi left Vatrogasce due to private obligations, and Gugi (Goran Borošak) continued as a new (third) vocalist. The band is best known for its arrangements of songs by other authors and their parody, turning them into folk music. In addition to arrangements, the band also records original compositions. So far, they have recorded 12 studio albums and one compilation.

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