Snow white and seven dwarfs


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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Director: Ivana Čoh Šverko Duration: 60 minutes Premiere performance: September 19, 2009 Age limit: 5+

Who doesn't know Snow White?

A beautiful girl who is banished by her evil stepmother and ordered to die? Looking for a new and safe home, Snow White also stopped by our theater!

Once upon a time, in a distant and unknown land, lived a king and a queen. When their daughter was born, their faces white as snow, their hair black as coal, and their lips red as drops of blood, they called her Snow White. Unfortunately, her mother soon dies and the evil Queen arrives at court. One day the Mirror tells the Queen that Snow White's beauty has overshadowed hers, and she orders the hunter to take the young girl deep into the woods and kill her there! The good hunter takes pity on her and lets her go with the promise of never appearing in the castle again. A frightened Snow White wandering through the woods stumbles upon a small house, with a small table and small plates, small beds. He finally feels a crumb of security and decides to stay just to get some rest…

See what happened next and how the end of this story sounds in the play about goodness, evil and true beauty.

Life is too often not, but it can always be a fairy tale.

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