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11. Summer Nights of EXIT SHAKEspeare Theater at EXit

In front of you are three young actors who have tried something like this and during their journey have often stopped for precisely the above reasons. Initially, there was a certain desire to, like previously known theatrical examples, encompass all of Shakespeare’s dramatic texts through a number of stage sketches. This revival denominator has gradually transformed into the need to stop in Shakespeare precisely in places that slip more easily from historical landmarks and slip into the context of the everyday life of our main characters: Živko, Marko and Jerko.


Shakespeare wrote 37 pieces.

Surely you already knew that ?!

Of which 10 historical dramas.

And you knew that ?!

Of which 18 comedies.

And that?!

He designed and wrote 1,222 characters.

Oh that?!

Each of the 37 pieces placed individually on stage lasts, depending on the shortening, between 3 and 5 hours. So 37 x 4 hours (average) is 148 hours.

Did you know that too?

And did you know how all this can be played in less than 2 hours ?!

Meet Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Ophelia, Macbeth and his bloody Lady, Anthony and Cleopatra, the Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus, King Lear, Richard III, Henry VIII. and many others, such as you have never seen before.

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