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Pippi Longstocking Director: Renata Carola Gatica Duration: 65 minutes Premiere performance: November 29, 2009 Age limit: 5+

My mom is not a man, she is an angel and lives in heaven. He must be peeking through a hole and watching what I'm doing. And my dad; he must have been saved after the storm and now became a native king. And he'll be back sometime, Pippi used to say contentedly. – And as soon as Dad builds a ship, he'll pick me up and take me with him. Then I will become a native queen. Hey, what a wonderful life it will be only then!

For the kids, I'm going to bake pancakes now.

Thick and thin will be my pancakes.

I will make pancakes without any trouble or tunka.

Then he took three eggs and threw them high in the air. One fell on her head, shattered and spilled all the way to her eyes. He deftly grabbed the other two into the pot, where they exploded.

"I've always heard that egg yolk is great for hair," Pippi said, wiping her eyes. "Now you'll see that everything will creak as my hair begins to grow." In Brazil, after all, people everywhere walk with egg-coated hair. So there are no bald spots there at all. Only once did an old man find himself there and eat an egg instead of coating his hair with it. It is clear that he is completely bald, so as soon as he appeared on the street, there would be such a crowd that the police would have to intervene.

– My name is Pipilota Viktualia Zavjesić Peppermint Ephraim's Long Stocking, daughter of the naval captain Ephraim the Long Stocking, before the fear and trembling of the sea, and now a native king. Pippi is just a nickname for me because Dad thinks Pipilota is too long a name to pronounce.

– So, Pippi, my child? He asked her. – Are you still lying like before?

– Oh yes, only when I find the time, and that's not so often.

"Lying is ugly," he said then. – That's what my mom says.

– Uh, how stupid you are, Anika! Exclaimed Tommy. – Well, Pippi isn't really lying. She's just pretending to lie. She's just making it up, can't you figure it out?

"You know, Tommy, you sometimes break something so smart that I'm afraid everything will one day turn into something big," Pippi told him.

On the edge of town lay an old, neglected garden, and in the garden was a dilapidated house where Pippi Longstocking lived. She was nine years old and lived completely alone. She had neither mom nor dad, and that was really convenient, because there was no one to push her to bed just when she was most beautiful.

Pippi was truly an unusual child. And the most unusual thing about her was her strong strength. Yes, yes, she was so terribly strong that there was no policeman in the whole world who could be equal to her in strength. She could only raise a whole horse if she wanted to.

Tommy never bit his nails and would always do whatever his mom asked him to do.

Anika would never murmur if her wish was not fulfilled and she was always neat in ironed cotton dresses. She was very careful not to soil them.

Her hair was the color of a carrot, braided in two tight braids that protruded perfectly straight. Her nose resembled a potato and was full of sun spots. Beneath his nose was a large, wide mouth with healthy, white teeth. And her dress was weird. Pippi sewed it herself.

* A stroboscope is used in the play.

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