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Kosheen at Boogaloo Kosheen Live led by Sian Evans arrives at Boogaloo on Friday, February 26th 2021!

DJ FRX will be in charge of the atmosphere before and after the concert. The price of a limited contingent of early bird tickets is 140 kuna, in regular pre-sale it is 170 kuna, while it will cost 190 kuna per day.

Can be purchased at:

Boogaloo (10 am – 4 pm – when the club starts working), Ulica grada Vukovara 68 Rockmark – Berislavićeva 13 Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18 Entrio system

All purchased tickets are also valid for the new date. If the new date does not suit you, a refund for tickets purchased through the Entrio platform. It is necessary to request exclusively via mail address.

Kosheen was formed in 1999 in Bristol, and with their first album from 2001, “Resist” and the hits “Catch”, “Hide U” and “Hungry”, they won the title of ‘one of the biggest music attractions in the UK’. They quickly gained the favor of critics and a large number of fans. The combination of different styles, such as drum’n’bass, dance and pop, brought them to the top of the world’s charts and as one of the favorites of all those who grew up on MTV and VIVA in the early 2000s. They have released five albums so far. Sian Evans is coming to Boogaloo with original drummer Mitchell Glover and world-famous musicians who will further enrich their previous sound. In the past two decades, Sian has established herself as a very prolific author and vocalist in numerous collaborations, especially the great hits “Louder” with DJ Fresh, as well as “Hot Right Now” Rita Ore for which she wrote the text.

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