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Green River Fest 20.8. – 20.9.

If you want to recline in a sun lounger, cool off with a solar shower, chill with fine cocktails, bring kids to one of the creative workshops and enjoy the performances of bands on the solar stage, and along the way add summer color to the Sava embankment, near Hendrix Bridge from 20.8. to 20.9. After all the creative events of the Welcome Spring Festival and Reci Božić, the Nature for All Association brings fun to the river with a lot of content. The entire festival is equipped with items made from recycled materials, made by young enthusiasts and innovators, as well as members of the Association.

Zagreb used to be known for its river baths, and this Festival will revive the Sava baths with the famous Babinjak, whose guests will be famous women, who with their work and enthusiasm leave a mark in our everyday life. Stop by the sunshine with the team, and bring the boys and girls, because for them this is a real paradise – from workshops, drawing rooms, brain teasers to games without borders and participation in storytelling. The organizers want to combine yesterday and today with the addition of tomorrow, so they will revive the customs of the former beach with the then popular card games schnapps and preferences, dances and VR corner with projections.

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