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When you step into our green paradise, wherever you end up. This year, the popular Foodballerka festival took place on the old Cibona playground on the Tuškanac plateau and lasts just as long as the football fever, from 11.6 to 12.7. An oasis of good fun with twenty DJs, with the legendary Pepi Jogarde and Ozren Kanceljak and good-natured bands will warm up the atmosphere every day.

Karlovačko Korner embraced the plateau with its recognizable colors, but also with beer drops that many people enjoy. In the fresh air, one is hungry, but there is no worry because a good meal is being prepared. There are the Burgers Institute by Mate Janković, Street Pizza, El Toro with proven recipes, the team from Chef cooks at home, Asian Garden by Marko Palfi, as well as the ingenious desserts of Le Kolač and their virtuoso Robert Hromalić. During the matches of the Croatian national team, we receive a fragrant and tasty reinforcement Grill & Chill by Lidl with a juicy barbecue.

It's not just booze and music, Foodballerka brings more!

If you want to touch the sky, sit on one of the rooftops and catch the best view of the big screen during matches. Gingle Bells and Foodballerka bar with the reinforcement of Cocktail bar by A Most Unusual garden will prepare wickedly good cocktails and other drinks. For pop-up moments there are our House of Kiwi, flea market by August XVI and Dorica 505 and Vesela motika, and in the dance time machine you will be invited by excellent dancers Nicolas Quesnoit and Ksenija Plušćec Quesnoit from the Dance Center Zagreb by Nicolas. We have not forgotten our youngest and sweetest – a children's corner awaits them with plenty of fun with graffiti workshops and performances by children's choirs. Take an unforgettable selfie, because there will be no shortage of shots full of luck.

The working hours of the Festival are on weekdays from 2 pm to 11 pm, and on weekends from 11 am to 11 pm.

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