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Who’s ready to dance again under the stars at Sky Office with an electrifying domestic lineup?!💫

We’re thrilled to announce our comeback to the most exclusive event in town on Saturday night, April 6, 2024, on the prestigious 21st floor of Sky Office! This event marks a turning point for all of us, as Panic Room will now exclusively bring you high-quality music at special locations! Let’s make this event glamorous with the highest quality electronic music you can find!💎

This event is particularly special because we’re showcasing our incredible domestic lineup:

  • FELVER (extended warmup set)

The lineup is perfectly timed, starting with Felver’s extended warm-up set, moving to EinFakinn’s magic, and ending with pure groove from our resident Luka Kosty!

They’re going to make the first event of 2024 unforgettable!



Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510