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Archived: International Women of Rock


Po prvi puta u Hrvatsku stiže turneja INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF ROCK! Dovodi nam čak tri banda – TEMPERANCE iz Italije, PHANTOM ELITE iz Nizozemske i ATTRACTIVE CHAOS iz Francuske/Italije. Žestoka svirka, sajni bandovi i još bolje pjevačice. Ulaznice po cijeni od 10 € u pretrpodaji i 12 € na dan koncerta. Ne propustite IWOR TOUR 2023. u Najvećem Malom Rock Klubu u Gradu.

Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Czechia, Poland, Romania, France

PHANTOM ELITE (Netherlands)


TEMPERANCE is where exceptional vocal melodies, energetic Metal guitar riffing and symphonic atmospheres meet in perfect harmony. Led by a unique vocal triad, TEMPERANCE manages to unite heaviness with an impressive level of catchy melodies that will make you want to push the repeat button instantly.

Different from most Symphonic Metal bands, TEMPERANCE brings together no less than three vocalists, all adding their own style and flavor to the ensemble. The combination of Alessia Scolletti’s crystalline voice, the strong timbre of Michele Guaitoli and the rough vocals of mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino, make TEMPERANCE stand out completely. With Millions of Youtube views, hymns as ‘The Last Hope In A World Of Hopes’, ‘ My Demons Can’t Sleep’, ‘Breaking The Rules of Heavy Metal’, ‘Pure Life Unfolds’, ‘Diamante’, ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ seem to prove that point.

Phantom Elite

PHANTOM ELITE is an international metal band fronted by Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, live vocalist for Avantasia) with guitarist Max van Esch, drummer Joeri Warmerdam, and featuring executive production by former After Forever guitarist and founder Sander Gommans. The band traffics in modern metal, combining elements of symphonic, progressive, and metalcore into their own unique concoction. Amazing songs, fantastic high energy stage show… a must see!!

Attractive Chaos

Attractive Chaos is a Melodic Metal band from France & Italy founded by Emma Elvaston, Clement Botz and Pietro Paolo Lunesu.
Extremely powerful sound and so very talented. Ready to take Europe by storm and Chaos!!



Hard Place