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Hey there!
Zaperlipopette! the furious Tropical-Comic-Core-Spectacle from Basel (CH), will release their upcoming Record „Cosmos Tropical” in autumn this year.
This unique creation includes a vibrating discover of the tropical cosmos with a new sparkling freak show and intergalactic tunes straight from the underground.

Zaperlipopette! Is a splinter group of the formarly known Ratatouille Movement. Since years these local heroes are analyzing with great precision the mechanisms arounding major players in the music industry, in order to ambush them passionately and hit hard where it hurts. The Sound is an attack, is a declaration of love to the big Tohuwabohu, is an ode to idiocy. The four heads forming a body of noise, confetti, airsnakes and other stupid shenanigans. Nobody will be able to stop them on their way. Z! Is a bizarre seeming grin on its way to ‚Saufspace’, while hands are irrespectivly thrown through the air and nothing remains existing, except a dramatic elation close to insanity. See the widths of the sky and be careful not to miss the big, LED blinking slice of Pizza – A sign to ensure the spectacle begining.

El maestro Chancho – guitar
Jean-Pierre le Bear – casio, synth
Kid Kidney – drums
L’Atendine – Dance, Vocoder, Chaos

Soundcloud (privat link to unreleased roughmixes, please don’t share!)
Full LP „Z“ (2015)

Full Live-Show at Hill Chill 2018
Pizza Tour Memories 2016


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