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25.03.2023 / 23:00

March 25, 2023 23:00:00 Europe/Zagreb thermal Aleja Matije Ljubeka bb Aquarius


■ MARCAL [rekids | enemy | token]

Hailing from Goiânia, Brazil, Marcal is one of the hottest names to have emerged from South America in recent years.
Signed to Radio Slave’s Rekids, Enemy Records, and Token Records, the Brazilian producer has skyrocketed to the forefront of the techno game, earning himself accolades from some of the worldwide scene’s big guns including Ben Klock, DVS1, Rødhad, Freddy K, Luke Slater, and more with impressive consistency.

His trade of choice, i.e. dealing out hypnosis-inducing, sanity-combusting club material of the finest ilk, bursts to further explosive effect throughout his presentations.

With intense groove, intelligent rhythms, complex patterns, and hypnotic soundscapes, which are the go-to elements of his sound signature, Marcal stakes out his territory in sheer badman style.

■ VOLSTER [secession | traum]

Over the past few years, somewhat mysteriously, Volster has gradually become one of the most noted fresh figures of the Croatian electronic scene, leaving his signature through production, DJing, event organisation and successfully running a label imprint, Secesson Records.

The main subculture Marko was positively exposed to in the 90’s was techno, a style he has been practicing for almost two decades now. As he was performing within and outside the Croatian borders, Volster gradually started experimenting and developing his signature textured sound leading him signing and publishing his work across his own imprint to labels like Edit
Select, BCCO, Vakum, ANAOH, Northallsen Records, etc..

Parallel to this musical chapter of his life, Volster launched a series of TRAUM events in his hometown, bringing a new style of techno and club life, very characteristic in majority of Europe, to the local audience. Francois X, Amotik, DJ Deep, Antigone, Etapp Kyle, Paula Temple and Anthony Linell are some of the few names that TRAUM hosted so far.

To this day Volster has performed across the Europe ranging from clubs in Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest to festivals like Dimensions Festival, Exit Festival and Modem Festival that brought him to his most notable appearance and debut performance at the infamous club Berghain – Panorama Bar on September 2019.

■ SECCO [thermal | low end]

Formerly known as Alen Merdan, Secco is an aspiring young artist that’s been a firm part of Zagreb’s techno scene for the past few years. His production was supported by some of the most influential names in the techno world such as SPFDJ, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Cynthia Spiering etc.

In 2022. along with his vinyl debut, he started expanding his ambitions and entered the world of promoting which landed him an opportunity of hosting some of the most interesting names of world’s and regional techno scene such as Developer, Linear System, Volster and Monosaccharide with his Low End event series.

With his gradual development and advancement as an artist and promoter his new projects Secco and Thermal also came to fruition, his mark on a new era on his journey of musical exploration, and also a mark of new era of clubbing scene that is arising after the hardships of the early 2020’s.


Vazdaisti is a DJ, designer, reporter and active promoter of electronic music and scene. His style, although always the same, is never the same. It is characterized by a dynamic sound interwoven with colorful percussions and a slightly intoxicating melodic theme. In general, it is a mix of Balkan attitude, phlegmaticity, boldnes, pleasantness, discomfort and irrational charm. He has played at numerous clubnights, events and festivals and has shared deck with various eminent names from the scene.

Founder and host of events, the most prominent of which are with Developer, Nihad Tule, Linear System, Lag, Volster. He strives to present the complete story of an individual in a crowd through events as conceptualized art. A fresh and dominant name on the scene in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina constantly leaving new traces and sets new standards in regional clubbing, which at the same time with great anticipation seeks to develop a community and a movement that exceeds its expectations.



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