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Archived: Something completely Frantic!


  • Hrvatski

Direktno sa EU turneje – FRANTIC show u režiji Janga Edwardsa ponovno stiže u Vinyl!

“Something completely Frantic!” is a one-man-circus show where one actor plays 28 characters in 28 connected numbers! Chameleon-like transformations from minute to minute taking the audience members from a fabulous magician, mime artist, acrobat, clown, flea trainer, special barber, to a cave man and stars like Elvis Presley, Sylvester Stallone and S. Dali!
All that in a special interaction with an audience, using mostly visual language without many words!
A show for all generations – “once you see it you will remember it and talk about it whole your life”!

This professional clown-show started it’s creation in Barcelona, at Noveau Clown Institute, supervised by “king of fools” himself – Jango Edwards!

Duration: 60min



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Tel: +385 95 361 2122