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Archived: Fuego Latino Night!


Party on the best dance floor in town, in amazing, vibrant, energetic atmosphere on the top of Zagreb’s main square!


This month Salsa de Fuego celebrates 13th birthday and we decided to celebrate it in 3 amazing parties! This is the SECOND one and the main theme is salsa, the old queen of social dancing dancefloors. 13 years ago our school successfully started unique salsa courses, combining both Puerto Rican and Cuban styles, with other original Latino dances, we started those mixed parties and started first regular Saturday parties, regular concert parties and our legendary regular (pre-corona time) Wednesday parties, street salsa parties re-sparked Croatian salsa madness.

With some sweet surprises, we’ll make you dance all night long with our amazing line-up of taxi dancers, sweet and energetic mix of Cuban and Puerto Rican salsa (you’ll love it, no matter what you prefer and you’ll dance until your feet will fall off), plus we’ll present you our carefully re-designed original Salsa de Fuego cocktail, oh yeah…

…And all that on the legendary dancefloor of Ritam grada, where more than 20 years salsa, bachata and all other Latino rhythms are heating the atmosphere, from where, 10 years ago, we re-ignited Zagreb’s and Croatia’s salsa/bachata/Latino flames! See you there – on flaming main square!



Ritam Grada

Tel: 01 4845 345