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Bike to the Zmajaska brewery Tasting Room and pick up fresh beer for home at a 20% lower price!

Autumn has arrived and the days are getting shorter, so it is important that our two-wheeled pets are properly lit. Bicycle lights are cheap and easily accessible, and greatly affect traffic safety, and we wear them to be visible to other road users. The legal obligation is to turn on the front white and rear red lights at night and in conditions of reduced visibility.

Come to Zmajska tasting room by bike for a beer from 13th to 17th October, take a selfie in front of the tasting room with your bike with the light on, show the photo to Grga at the bar and get a 20% discount on beer for home.

You can take Craft beer to go in a 0.5L or 1L package, and be sure to park your pet first, and only then refresh yourself with beer from the comfort of your armchair (don’t drink while driving).

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