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Weekend of Clit Literacy Weekend programs that focus on the invisibility of women's experience on September 19 and 20 in the Social and Cultural Center "Sixteen"

We will start the Climate Literacy Weekend organized by Domino on Saturday, September 19, with an up-cycling workshop where participants, along with the leader Tanja Blašković, will learn the technique of recycling plastic bags with an iron. Plastic bags, one of the main polluters of the environment, will be collaged, joined, and made into a pencil case by the participants.

The same evening will be followed by a workshop on making badges and magnets, where participants will go through all stages of making various sizes of badges and magnets, exploring their subversive, activist and educational potential in everyday life. The workshop is led by Igor Mihovilović.

Technological developments over the past two decades have brought the clitoris out of the hidden "detail" to prominent media articles such as the Guardian. The power of the image has made it possible for what has been rumored in professional circles to become publicly available information: this organ with all its parts is up to 12 centimeters in size.

In a lecture on Sunday, September 20, we will first learn about the history of thematization (and censorship) of the clitoris as well as the heroine scientist in the fight for female pleasure and then how sonograms and 3D printers have led artists around the world to create works inspired by the shape of the clitoris. Leader Karla Horvat Crnogaj will introduce us to the screening of the film My Name is the Clitoris (2019), directed by Daphne Leblond and Lisa Billuart Monet, with a lecture on the technological popularization of clitoral literacy.

The documentary My Name is the Clit is a dialogue of young women about female sexuality. With freedom, courage and humor, they share their experiences and stories in a desire to change the world around them and affirm women’s right to informed sex education, without restrictions and taboos.


All activities are carried out in the premises of the Social and Cultural Center "Šesnaestica", Ozaljska 16, Zagreb, and you can apply for participation at the link . For all questions you can contact:

Saturday 19.9.

16-18h / Up-cycling workshop / leader Tanja Blašković 18-20h / Badge and magnet workshop / leader Igor Mihovilović

Sunday 20.9.

17-18h / Lecture: Technological popularization of clitosis / presenter Karla Horvat Crnogaj 18-19: 30h / Documentary screening / My name is the clitoris of Daphne Léblond and Lisa Billuart Monet

Lectures and workshops are part of the Clit Literacy program, which the Domino association has been implementing for the third year. .

Clito literacy is part of the project "DKC-HR: Network of socio-cultural centers" implemented by the Association of Clubs in partnership with Pogon – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth, Platform for Social Center Cakovec, Association of Associations KAoperativa, Youth Center Platform, Art Workshop Lazareti , The Association of Molecules and the Association of Rojc.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The content of the text is the sole responsibility of the Association of Clubs.

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