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The Mission are returning to Zagreb after 13 years in an almost original line-up where, in addition to frontman Wayne Hussy, there is also the original bassist Craig Adams and the original guitarist Simmon Hinkler!

For Hinkler, this will be the first visit to Croatia with The Mission, so it will be a real treat for The Mission fans, because this line-up recorded all the best The Mission albums and marked their best period. Unfortunately, due to poor health, the original drummer Mick Brown could not join them, so on drums is also a great drummer, Mike Kelly, who has been playing in The Mission since 2011.

Legends of gothic rock, the British group The Mission was founded in 1986.

Wayne Hussy and Craig Adams after leaving The Sisters Of Mercy. Already with their first single "Garden Of Delight" they win over goth and other audiences and with each of their next releases they are getting closer to the first places on the charts.

As part of their tour The Mission in 1990, they came to Zagreb for the first time, where they performed in the hall of the Sports Hall.

In 2001, The Mission returned in style with the great new album "Aura" and the hit single "Evangeline". A tour follows, as part of which they come to Zagreb again and have a great concert in the Tvornica Kulture hall.

2007 The Mission released their eighth studio album, "God Is A Bullet", which was not a great success. As part of the promotional tour in 2008, The Mission visited Zagreb for the third time, where they held an excellent concert at the Zagreb Boogaloo Club .

In 2016, The Mission released their eleventh studio album “Another Fall from Grace” which meaningfully brings back the sound of earlier The Misison and even The Sisters Of Mercy from the “First Amd Last And Always” phase in which Wayne and Craig and were the authors of most of the songs on that album. On that album, Wayne returns to his recognizable guitar with twelve strings, and the guests on the album were prestigious musicians such as Martin Gore from Depeche Mode, Villa Valo from Him, Gary Numan, Julianne Regan from All About Eve…

Famous Zagreb darklings Phanatasmagoria will perform as special guests.

Phantasmagoria was founded in 1988 and is known alongside the Macedonian Mizar, with whom they often performed, as one of the leaders of the then very popular dark scene in the former Yugoslavia. Phantasmagorias are the main role models of The Sisters Of Mercy, which is why this concert is even more special.

Phantasmagoria will prepare a special set list for this occasion, composed of mostly songs from the early stages, and special guests will be the original drummer Siniša Banović who now lives in Amsterdam and plays in the cult post punk band Fisherz Z and the original guitarist and author of most of Phantasmagoria's earlier songs Robert Gelo.

The beginning of the concert has been announced for 8 pm, and the ticket price is 160 kn until October 5, 2020, after which tickets will cost 180 kn, and 200 kn on the day of the concert.

Pre-sale points ZAGREB:

Boogaloo Caffe Bar (Mon – Fri 10:00 – 16:00), Ulica grada Vukovara 68 Rockmark – Berislavićeva 13 Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18 Kloto – Masarykova 14 Octopus Piercing & Tatto – Gundulićeva 31


Eventim system / Entrio system

There are also special VIP tickets that can be purchased only through the official The Mission website with which you can attend the rehearsal, hang out with group members, get a T-shirt, take pictures with group members, get an autographed poster… VIP ticket does not include entrance to concert!

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