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11th ORGAN OF VIDA International Photography Festival – Indecisive Images

The International Photography Festival Organ Vida brings together artists from all over the world who work in the medium of photography and / or in its expanded form and whose works correspond to the given theme of this year's festival "Indecisive Images". The exhibition is attended by ten international artists selected through a public invitation by an international jury composed of: Christian Siekmeier, Katrina Sluis, Steph Kretowicz, Mirjam Kooiman and Vesna Meštrić. These are:

Liza Ambrossio “Blood Orange” Martha Frieda Friedel “éclat” Marko Gutić Mižimakov “Cruising the Manifold, Disoriented” Zhao Qian “A Field Guide” Oskar Schmidt “Liquid” Samar Al Summary “Trust Beauty Bank” Indrė Urbonaitė “Flamingos, Moonrise and the Slippers ”Emilio Vavarella“ Amazon’s Stravaganza: A Personal Index of Infinite Consumption ”Shelli Weiler“ Fabulations ”Alba Zari“ THE Y ”

Organ Vida

“Indecisive Paintings” (group exhibition) Museum of Contemporary Art, 17 Dubrovnik Avenue, Zagreb Meriem Bennani: The Mission of a Teenager Filip Custic: “Black and White” Victoria Sin: Narrative Reflections on Watching OPENING: 02/09 at 8 pm DURATION: 02/09 – 04/10 Katarina Juričić “Orange & Blue: Echo” Karas Gallery, Str. kralja Zvonimira 58, Zagreb OPENING: 03/09 at 6 pm DURATION: 03/09 – 13/09 Deni Horvatić “SCAN” GMK, Šubićeva 29, Zagreb OPENING: 03/09 at 8 pm DURATION: 03/09 – 17/09 Borders – Verena Blok, Stefanie Zofia Schulz and Marvin Bonheur Zvonimir Gallery, Str. Antuna Bauera 33, Zagreb OPENING: 04/09 at 20h DURATION: 04/09 – 30/09

Organ Vida puts the materiality of the image at the center of the 11th edition of the festival – works that problematize and expand the notion of representation. The “indecision” in the title stems from a specific aspect of the intersection of fiction and faction. The presented works are based on images that are at the same time explicitly "fake", "unreal", "falsified" and "authentic", but their authenticity is manifested in the fact that they show the tensions and contradictions of modern digital culture. The emphasis is therefore on images that start from their own construction and fabrication, which are significantly complicated, complicated and brought to light by artistic intervention precisely those processes that condition the construction and / or lead to commodification, without depriving the viewer of imagination. We are interested in images whose politicking is manifested primarily in how, and not exclusively in what they represent.

In addition to the main exhibition of the finalists, the festival theme will be complemented by three site-specific exhibitions / installations by invited international artists:

Meriem Bennani Filip Custic Victoria Son of Meriem Bennani: “Teenager's Mission” Museum of Contemporary Art, 17 Dubrovnik Avenue, Zagreb OPENING: 02/09 at 8 pm DURATION: 02/09 – 04/10

Inspired by teen movies, reality television and web series, the fictional documentary “Mission of a Teenager” by Meriem Bennani (b. 1988, Rabat, Morocco, lives in New York) follows the daily activities of a group of students from Descartes School, a French high school in Rabat. in the classroom as well as at home. Through questions, reflections and aspirations of the student, the artist, ie the donkey – her animated avatar behind the camera, explores the effect of the education system inherited from the period of the French presence in Morocco, which is now reserved for the local elite. Meriem Bennani explores contemporary society, the fragmented identities and cultural differences that make it up, and topics such as gender and the hegemony of digital technology.

Filip Custic: (black and white) Museum of Contemporary Art, 17 Dubrovnik Avenue, Zagreb OPENING: 02/09 at 8 pm DURATION: 02/09 – 04/10

The intertwining of technology and identity is present in the work of the Spanish-Croatian artist Filip Custic (r …

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