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My day – an exhibition about the life of young Roma

The exhibition My Day – Life of Roma Children and Youth opens on Monday, September 7, 2020 at the Forum Gallery , and brings new views on the life of Roma children and youth through six video works by directors Martina Globočnik and Morana Ikić Komljenović.

The documentaries were created with the intention of pointing out the need to equalize living conditions with regard to the universality of human rights and the prohibition of discrimination, and to contribute to breaking down stereotypical attitudes, especially those that mistakenly equate the consequences of poverty with ethnic origin. The works produced by Fade In introduce viewers to the everyday life of children and young members of the Roma national minority through the presentation of real stories from the point of view of subjective perception, thus returning the protagonists' voice, wanting to be heard.

"Documenting living and immediate situations one day," according to directors Martina Globočnik and Morana Ikić Komljenović, "we meet them, their family, friends and the problems they deal with by talking about a turning point or an important moment that marked them through their growing up, influenced who they are and what they are like today. "

Through the personal stories of these young people, the social context of today in which they live and grow up can be seen, and whose discrepancy between technological and formal progress on the one hand and lack of social awareness on the other, encourages observers to actively reflect on the impact of Roma's immanent social and political position. countless personal life stories, due to an inherited interpretation of relationships, history, and identity.

As part of the exhibition My Day – the life of children and young Roma, curator Karla Pudar will organize accompanying content in accordance with the prescribed epidemiological measures, and the exhibition can be viewed until October 7, 2020.

The exhibition is part of the project Roma Inclusion – Meeting the Preconditions for Effective Implementation of Policies Targeted at National Minorities – PHASE I implemented by the Office for Human Rights and the Rights of National Minorities of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The organization of the exhibition is co-financed under the Operational Program Effective Human Resources, from the European Social Fund.

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