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fiction, drama, Switzerland, Croatia, 2020

DIRECTED BY: Andrea Štaka

CAST: Marija Škaričić (Mare), Goran Navojec (Đuro), Mateusz Kosciukiewicz (Piotr), Mirjana Karanović (Marina majka), Ivana Roščić,

SCRIPT: Andrea Štaka

PHOTOGRAPHY: Erol Zubčević

MUSIC: Ephrem Lüchinger

EDITING: Reginald Simek, Thomas Imbach


Mare is an early middle-aged woman who lives in Konavle, in a house next to the airport in Ćilipi, out of love out of love with her husband Đuro and three children, whom she takes care of sacrificially. But Mare is a dissatisfied woman who, at least at first glance, is not so bothered by the current life circumstances that determine her husband’s PTSD, standard problems with adolescents and teenagers who grow up and become disobedient, rebellious and prone to outbursts, and unemployment or financial dependence on her husband. because he manages to make a little money just by selling the plants he collects. Her dissatisfaction is more permanent and deeper, it has been growing and developing for years, and it can be sensed from the longing glances at the planes that fly over her head every now and then, and which she has never flown. When married Piotr, a construction worker from Poland, moves into the house next door, Mare will engage in a seemingly casual and superficial, primarily sexual, relationship with him. But this will start to change her everyday life, and this will encourage her to make decisions that will open the door not only to new experiences, but also to knowledge about herself.

Drama Mare is the third, most mature and most complete feature film in the career of screenwriter and director Andrea Štaka, author of the award-winning feature debut Miss and drama with elements of the thriller Girls – the Life of Another. The story of the film, for the title role in which Marija Škaričić won the Heart of Sarajevo award at the recent Sarajevo Film Festival, and at the 67th Pula Film Festival she won recognition for this role as well as for roles in Danilo Šerbedžija’s and Tereza37’s films Tereza37, plays in Konavle. According to the author, Konavle and the Dubrovnik airport in Ćilipi were the foundation around which she built the characters and the story of a sensitive woman from the title who, although devoted to her husband and three children, whom she loves very much, feels dissatisfied with her own life. It is a kind of variation of Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary, and with it Andrea Štaka once again presents herself as an author who creates intriguing stories about interesting and psychologically complex female characters. In her recent film, the author deals with the sexuality of women outside of marriage, a topic that she believes is still taboo in Croatia. And he does so in a very successful way, deftly toying with the stereotypes that accompany adultery stories, or successfully avoiding them. Mare is certainly a directed and excellently acted film that is characterized by unobtrusive style, effective visuals and impressive atmospheric photography by Erol Zubčević.



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