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Experience the fusion of Africa and your favorite holiday in a euphoric atmosphere this 25.12. in Melin with the Zagreb afrobeat attraction "Kwaaka Afrobeat" and excellent DJs. While everyone is skiing around Christmas parties with mulled wine and fake snow, you be original and come to the unique program in Melin and meet a great team and sound that you will certainly not find anywhere in the city that evening.

Kwaaka Afrobeat is a collective founded in Zagreb in 2020, inspired by Afrobeat music performed by the original style, just as it was performed by fathers like Fela Kuti or Tony Allen. The group has about 15 members from different parts of the world, all with a common goal – to explore African culture, creating energetic dance music.

Collective members:

Abi Seydi Krešimir Oreški Erol Zejnilović Davor Zanoški Luka Čapeta Jurica Rukljić Michel Bartolić Daniel Kadijević Igor Pavlica Oliver Potočnik Mak Murtić Nancy Abdel Sakhi Biljana Butković Isabelle Thomas Marino Vinja Pouabe Florette DJ D-GREE -20: 00-21: 30 Kwaaka Afrobeat-22: 00 DJ Emir- afterparty

Don't miss this magical evening! See you in Melina!

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510