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Katran Music Festival Live – Open Air

On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Katran Shock Show Industry and Museum Katran present the 1st Katran Music Festival Live – Open Air!

In three days, a large part of the performers who marked these 11 years of Katran , as headliners and as G (h) ousti , will succeed on the open stage of Dvorište Katran, and the young hopes of the microphone will join them.

A firm helping hand and sidekick are provided, as always by Katran DJ’s.

Friday, March 19th


Aklea Neon

Saturday, March 20th

5Reković & Gelo band aid & g (h) ousti

NENO BELAN & FIUMENS play songs by the group ĐAVOLI

Sunday, March 21st

Matija Cvek & the Funkensteins


… And many other Legends of Tar…


daily ticket: 100 kn

festival / three-day ticket: 200 kn

per day: 130 kn

Buy tickets: Online / At Entrio points of sale

Tickets are limited in quantity, grab yours as soon as possible!

It’s been 11 years since the first party in Katran, it’s time for the first party in front of Katran!

The small crowd that gathered that chilly Thursday in 2009 could not have guessed what their “Open Toilet Days” would turn into.

But now everyone knows!

With that in mind, with a full heart of love and windy pockets, we decided to organize the first Katran Live Open Air Festival, unseen in this area and beyond!

The Katran Music Festival will bring you all the musicians who have played in Katran for the last 11 years and more!

The Katran Music Festival will be open-air and with top international and international music festivals!

Katran Music Festival will pay tribute to all former and current collaborators, companions, friends and enemies!

The Tar Music Festival will pay tribute to you.

To all our dear members and industrialists who have spent sleepless nights in our society.

To all who froze by the oil stove.

Anyone who is still happy to drink from plastic cups.

To all application applicants.

With all the magnificent masks of just about every Halloween.

To all who waited for hours at the entrance.

To all who crowded the stairs.

Everyone who cares about good music, a good party, positivity and endless dancing.

This is a party for you.

In open. With respect to all the messages and recommendations of our beloved 100zers.

And top-quality drinks and culinary delicacies from all over the yard.

All of KMF’s profits go to the Tar Rescue Fund.

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510