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44. Days of satire of Fadil Hadžić

The Fadil Hadžić Days of Satire Festival is an international festival of the Kerempuh Satirical Theater , held every year in June since 1976, with the aim of promoting quality performances of satirical and comedy prose and, above all, confronting the audience with burning problems of our everyday life through inevitable elements of humor and satire. thus ennobling not only the cultural life but also the social consciousness and personal growth of the individual. Fadil Hadžić Days of Satire every year remind us of the importance of humor and satire that make us more tolerant, connect us with others, teach us, allow us a different view of the world, sharpen our perception, but at the same time free us from all pressure and hatred. Encouraging the development of humor and satire is just one of the key features of this festival. Its second determinant is a lasting commitment to art, freedom of speech and the establishment of writers, with strong and resolute resistance to any form of censorship. Days of Satire have a significant contribution to the culture of the City of Zagreb because they bring the most prominent plays from Croatia and the region to the Zagreb audience, thus providing the audience with an insight into the very top of recent satirical theater production.

This year's Days of Satire for the first time in its history are held in a new term – from 12 to 26 September 2020, under adapted conditions to the "new normal time".


The play "I haven't stopped since morning" by the successful playwright and writer Una Vizek, the first prize winner in the Marin Držić competition for 2017, was premiered in March 2019 at the Kerempuh Satirical Theater, directed by Nana Šojlev.

Una Vizek talks about gender issues, but with an important content turn – stereotyped male and female gender roles turn in a witty, absurd and unconventional way, while the established clichés about the dynamics of male-female relations are subject to satirical sharpness.

In an atmosphere of female domination and male submissiveness, nameless men, reduced to numbers, revolve in closed, cyclical dialogues and situations within a relaxed atypical male socializing where they question their position in intimate relationships and on a wider social level, while longing for change and affirmation.

Playing with prejudices and social expectations, I have not stopped since the morning. Une Vizek touches on undeniably current gender issues with a drinkable and unpretentious expression.

The play I haven't stopped since morning 23.9.2020. at 8 p.m. Buy a ticket HERE .

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