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Humanitarian concert of the Ensemble LADO "From Lado with love" for the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb

The humanitarian concert of the LADO Ensemble will be held at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb on the National Day against Violence against Women on September 22, starting at 7.30 pm. All proceeds from ticket sales are intended for the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb, which this year celebrates 30 years of operation.

With the program "From Lado with love", dance and vocal-instrumental numbers, the artists of the LADO Ensemble will present a part of the rich Croatian music and dance tradition. With the desire to raise as much money as possible for the reconstruction of the Women's Counseling Center, which was damaged in the earthquake in March this year, Lado's artists will be joined by guests Nina Kraljić and Marko Tolja.

The concert program was conceived by the new artistic director of the LADO Ensemble, Krunoslav Šokac. "LADO often and gladly participates in humanitarian projects, and it does so in this challenging time when we are facing a coronavirus pandemic and the consequences of the earthquake that the people of Zagreb feel months later. "From Lada with Love" is a program in which the audience will enjoy the dance and vocal-instrumental numbers of the love theme, which suggests the very name of the concert. In addition to the humanitarian performance for the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb, with which LADO and distinguished guests Nina Kraljić and Marko Tolja want to send a message of solidarity and tolerance, this concert is special for both LADO and our loyal audience. Namely, after almost half a year of numerous online activities and exclusively vocal-instrumental concerts in the open air, the artists will dance again and, I am convinced, will delight the audience with their top dance and music performances, "said Šokac.

Tickets and donations

Tickets for the concert, at a price of 50 kuna, can be purchased online through the Entrio system and at all Entria points of sale.

Respecting the epidemiological recommendations, a limited number of audiences will be able to attend the concert.

Due to the humanitarian character of the concert, in addition to the purchase of tickets, it is possible to pay a DONATION for the work of the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb for non-selling seats in the hall. The mentioned donation does not allow entry to the concert, but it helps to rehabilitate the Counseling Center for women who were damaged in the earthquake.

There are other ways in which citizens and businesses can help the work of this organization. You can also donate by direct payment to the bank account of the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb: HR3023600001101968330 or directly via the website , and it is possible to join the monthly friendship program and become a regular donor of the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb.

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