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Damir Kedžo is a 32-year-old pop singer and one of the most famous faces of the Croatian music scene. He was born in Omišalj on the island of Krk, and he started his musical career in the show Story Supernova, 16 years ago.

Kedža's songs have been among the most listened to in Croatia in the last few years, and his singles have been award-winning hits.

He is the most listened to male singer in 2019 in Croatia, for which he received the award for Best Male Performer according to official statistics. Nominated for best male vocal performance at Porin, the most important professional award in the country Damir Kedžo successfully performed abroad and won the Grand Prix of the Slavonic Bazaar Festival in Vitebsk, Belarus and victory at the New Wave Festival in Sochi, Russia. Damir won the Croatian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest at DORA 2020.

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