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Celebrating year – Cantus Ensemble announced the first concert of the new season and the celebration of its 20th birthday

After several months away from concert halls, Cantus Ensemble announces a new season of its own cycle , which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its existence on the Croatian and international contemporary music scene. Through five concerts, the Zagreb audience will be presented with anthological and repertoire works of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as the premieres of the youngest generation of local composers. From the anthology to the order, the program backbone of the artistic director of the Ensemble Berislav Šipuš, who together with the Ensemble in the last 20 years of continuous and very active work performed more than 700 compositions, commissioned new works from almost all local composers and collaborated with, for contemporary music, to the most relevant soloists and conductors.

In the new season, the concert cycle of the Cantus Ensemble will move to a new address – to the concert hall of the Croatian Music Institute.

The first concert will take place as early as September 21, starting at 8 p.m. Under the direction of Ivan Josip Skender, the program dedicated to Austrian contemporary music will include works by three Austrian contemporary composers. Olga Neuwirth is one of the world's leading composers, and she built her name with great forms, the opera Lost Highway, based on the film by David Lynch, and Orlando, with which the Vienna State Opera commissioned one in 2019 for the first time in its long and rich history. an opera work by a woman composer. At the concert of the Cantus Ensemble, he will present a smaller piece, the composition Spleen for bass clarinet solo, performed by a permanent member of the Ensemble, clarinetist Danijel Martinović.

The concert will also feature the chamber work… aus freier Lust… verbunden… of another author of the composition school of nearby Graz, Georg Friedrich Haas. With his own minimalism and mysticism of musical language, Haas managed to impose himself as one of the world's most performed composers. The ensemble will also premiere two new works – by the Austrian Bernhard Eder, but also by the young Croatian composer Josip Prajz. This celebratory season will not be missed by the doyens of Croatian contemporary music, and the first among them is certainly Milko Kelemen, whose wind quintet Entrances will open not only this concert, but also the entire season.

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